Why You Should Try LARPing

Why You Should Try LARPing

LARPing is an acronym for live action role playing and is basically used to refer to a hobby where participants dress up and assume the roles of specific characters. These could be favorite characters in a movie, novel, fantasy game or in a science fiction film. Other times, the characters could be totally original with no imitation of those in movies or games.

What makes LARPing such an exciting adventure is that the costumes used are so realistic that both the players and the viewers are able to relate to the theme of the game. There are quite a few participants involved and the gamers are expected to reenact exciting battles and other scenes intended to make the game remarkable. Here are the 6 top reasons why you should try LARPing.

The Obvious Reason – Passing Time

As already mentioned, this is a hobby so it is a creative and constructive way of passing time. Well, there are various other ways you could possibly pass your time but there are not as many ways to do it in a safe, constructive and creative manner as happens in LARPing. Here, there are no potentially harmful activities, no addictions and in addition to the fun you stand to enjoy, there are plenty of lessons to learn and skills to master.

Fosters Creativity With Attire

LARPing enables you to explore different costumes as you try to uncover the best one for the character you have chosen to role-play. In so doing, you acquire so many skills such as matching of various forms of clothing. These skills will be useful, not only when engaging in such hobbies but even when you are out there in the real life trying to choose the correct clothes for specific occasions. The knowledge you get on color matching, dress fitting etc is practical enough to be applied in the real world.

Making New Friends

LARPing involves a lot of participants and even more viewers as the game is exceptionally interesting. As a result, the hobby creates a perfect environment to connect with other people. You can interact freely, either as a gamer or viewer, and this will help get the pressure out of you. If you are shy or have perpetual self-esteem issues, you may consider LARPing as a way of overcoming these social barriers.

A Way Of Living Your Fantasies

We have all had some ridiculous childhood fantasies ranging from playing the Charming Princess to The Knight In Shining Armor but sad enough, there are only a few ways of living these fantasies. However, with LARPing, you can now safely enter the fantasy world and have a feeling of how life looks like from the inside perspective. The ability to developer and create a character is a great way of bolstering your acting skills and enabling you fuse the real and the fantasy world without losing your direction and purpose.

Health Benefits

This is also pretty obvious; that unlike some other hobbies such as playing computer and video games where you are confined to a chair and have your eyes fixed onto a screen, LARPing is quite different in that there is a great degree of running, jumping and sweating involved. Do we need to say how much these help burn extra calories off your body?

Problem-Solving Skills

Last but not least, LARPing helps in developing problem-solving skills. Once you begin role-playing, you will understand that there are various challenges you are bound to face as the character and that your success at the game depends on how fast and efficient you can get out of these challenges. It requires skills, for instance, to get out of an entanglement and the faster you can think of a plan, the better you will command the game. Such heightened activities help us develop skills at solving various life problems and challenges.