The 5 Most Popular MMORPG Games

The 5 Most Popular MMORPG Games

MMORPGs, an acronym for massively multiplayer online role-playing games is a term used to refer to an assortment of role-playing video games as well as massively multiplayer online games whereby many players can interact with each other within a virtual world and in real time. In these games, you as the player assume the role of a character, usually your favorite character, in a fantasy or science-fiction world. You are then supposed to play the character by basically controlling all their actions. As a beginner, it makes more sense when you know what MMORPGs are most popular, and this is where this article comes in so let’s explore a few.

1. World Of Warcraft

One of the things that set this game apart from the others is the constant addition of theme features. These features make it difficult for even the professional players to keep pace with the dynamics of the game so as a newbie, you can take advantage of this to quickly get a hang of the game as there is always something new to learn. The game is characterized by farming, pet battles, match three puzzle games among other features that ensure there is never a dull moment playing the World of Warcraft.  Have a look inside the game.

2. Final Fantasy-14: A Realm Reborn

It is an open secret that the original Final Fantasy 14 met gamers halfway, thanks to its interface that was almost impossible to navigate as well as an in-built system that punished the players for playing beyond them stipulated one-hour period at a time. It was against this backdrop that the game developers, Square Enix, decided the franchise wasn’t going down the annals of MMORPGs’s history as the worst game ever developed. Aside from an attractive and user-friendly interface, A Realm Reborn presents far more capabilities, the most notable of which is the ability to level the class and crafting professions on one character, making it the best class systems MMORPG at the moment.

3. Guild Wars 2

The first remarkable thing about the Guild Wars 2 is that it doesn’t come with a subscription model so gamers are free to play any time they wish. Additionally, there is lots of dynamism in the game play, something that makes gamers more entertained and boosts their creativity. For instance, the gamer will find himself battling and winning a war against dragons that later remerge to take control of their former territory, making the gamer re-strategize on how to terminate them the second time. Another great feature of this game is that events are quite relatable in real life so it is not only a source of entertainment but also offers valid real-life lessons. This game developed by ArenaNet makes aactivities such as leveling and questing feels more real than virtual.

4. Star Wars: The Old Republic

This game is developed by BioWare Austin and features, among other thing, fewer characters, fully voiced cut-scenes and lots of plots within the main theme, making it one of the most entertaining MMORPG games today. The player is able to engage in limitless power fantasies of their favorite characters. Additionally, the developers are always adding updates such as new stories, weapons, pets and other content that all work together in making The Old Republic more fun and engaging to play.

5. Elder Scrolls Online

The other Elder Scrolls games previously designed only enabled the players to explore parts of Tamriel but with the release of Elder Scrolls Online, you can now explore the whole continent and uncover its treasures and beauty. The game has made it possible by removing the level obstacles that made such explorations difficult in the previous games. And as you go about your explorations, remember there are plenty of enemies to defeat, lots of characters to interact with, and many dungeons to spelunk among many other attractions. But perhaps one thing that gives it an edge of other MMORPGs is the gaming system that is somewhat action-oriented as well as a first-person camera perspective.